Regular Training Programs :
Nisargopachar Kendra conducts various awareness and training programs on holistic health regular basis. A brief overview of various regular courses is as follows:

  • Certificate Course on Holistic & Healthy Living
    Nisargopachar Kendra is running 250 hour certificate course on holistic & healthy living for general public. The course aims at creating awareness for the basic factors that affect our health including diet, exercise, daily routine, psychological and emotional stress and the environment. The course also deals with experiencing and training in application of practical tools that help to change towards healthy lifestyle in a holistic manner.
  • Naturopathy Treatment Technician Course
    There is a shortage of well-trained treatment technicians in the field of naturopathy. Nisargopachar Kendra is running treatment technician course to provide hands on training so that good quality technicians are available to the society.
  • Short term educational programs on healthy living
    Nisargopachar Kendra is conducting two types of Short term educational programs on healthy living, one for 2 days with 12 hours of contact program and the other one spread over 6 days with 24 hours of contact program.
  • Workshops for learning Yoga
    Various workshops are arranged for general public as well as yoga teachers from time to time to learn and practice yoga for one’s own health and to teach yoga to others.
  • Naturopathy and Yoga Awareness Course
    Nisargopachar Kendra is a recognized Center for a certificate course run by the Gandhi National Academy of Naturopathy, New Delhi. This is an orientation course on naturopathy and yoga. Various faculty members including faculty from medical colleges and experts on basic life sciences like Anatomy and Physiology, Dietetics, Naturopathy, Yoga, stress management and a healthy life style deliver informative lectures. More than one hundred students take part in this course every year.
  • Educational Lectures on Sundays
    Kendra is organizing educational lectures every Sunday for indoor patients as well as for general public to create awareness for various topics including healthy lifestyle, stress management, holistic management of various diseases, etc.
  • Workshop for Learning Ayurved for Holistic Patient Care
    A workshop for learning Swastha Vruttam, Dinacharya, Rutucharya and other Ayurvedic principles is being conducted for medical professionals at Nisargopachar Kendra. The workshop is part of a continuous education program for the medical professionals and is being conducted once a month for last 4 months. It is very interesting to learn that many Ayurvedic principles are holistic in nature and quite similar to that of Naturopathy and can be well utilized for holistic patient care. The workshop is attended by medical professionals of various specialties including Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Allopathy.

Other Awareness & Educational Programs
Over and above regular training courses being conducted, Nisargopachar Kendra also organizes various other awareness and educative programs to inculcate importance of naturopathy and allied treatments for keeping healthy life. Such programs have been organized at a frequent interval in consultation with medical colleges, clubs, women’s group, professionals, senior citizens etc. The Center also invites guest lectures for various conferences and gatherings to have benefits of their acumen and expertise knowledge.

  • Environmental problems are one of the important causes for rising prevalence of Cancer today. A group of organizations has stated a movement to create public awareness on various environmental issues that cause cancer and other health hazards and to provide possible solutions for prevention with a seminar titled “Environment and Cancer”. Total six such one day seminars were organized in various cities of Gujarat during 2015 & 2016. Nisargopachar Kendra is one of the core group member of the team for this activity.
  • A public lecture by Swami Nikhileshwarananda of Ramkrishna Mission, Vadodara was organized by Nisargopachar Kendra on 19th Nov, 2015. He delivered a lecture on “Mind, Medicine and Meditation”.
  • Nisargopachar Kendra organised a one day workshop titled “The energy That is You” on 22nd Feb, 2015 by Malabika Shaw. Malabika is a graduate from IIM, Kolkatta and has been mentoring sessions and through a wide range of classes and workshops on conscious energy.
  • A public lecture by Dr. Manubhai Kothari, Professor Emeritus, Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai was organized by Nisargopachar Kendra on 9th Sept, 2012. He delivered a lecture on the subject “આરોગ્યક્ષેત્રે હાલનું સંશોધન કેટલું કલ્યાણકારી?
  • A one day workshop on Diabetes was organized at Nisargopachar Kendra on 19th, Feburary, 2012. Delegates were informed about the patho-physiology of Diabetes, causes and symptoms of diabetes and measures to manage diabetes including change in diet, use of medicinal plants and role of exercise, yoga and stress management. The sessions also included Group discussion and experiences of successfully controlled patients. The experts at the workshop included Dr.Nayna Shah (Physician-Councellor, Nisargopachar Kendra), Dr. Ashokbhai Gohil (Community Health Physician, Niramay Clinic, Kevadiya), Dr. Bharat Shah (Director,Nisargopachar Kendra,Gotri,Vadodara), Dr.Minubhai Parabia (Retired Professor, South Gujurat Uni, Surat), Dr.Kiranbhai Shinglot (Medical officer, University Health Center, M.S.University, Vadodara)
  • Training on Basic Courses on Pranic healing were conducted on 1-2 Sept and 26-27 May, 2012 by Mr. Debashish Kanjilal of “Varanasi Yoga Vidhya Pranic Healing Association” in affiliation with Pranic Healing Foundation, Utter Pradesh. An Advance Course on Pranic healing was conducted on 29-30 Aug, 2012 .
  • A Training workshop on “Use of Ear Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment and General Well-being” was conducted by Dr. Michael Smith (NADA, USA), in collaboration with NADA India foundation during 21st & 22nd January, 2012
  • An educational workshop for Backache was organized at Nisargopachar Kendra on 4th December,2011. Delegates were informed about the anatomy and function of the spine, causes and symptoms of Back pain, measures to avoid precipitating factors, importance of naturopathic diet and treatments for backache, demonstration of Yogasana, Physiotherapy and other stress management techniques. The experts at the workshop included Dr. Ramesh Panchal, Ex. Associate Professor,Dept.of Orthopaedics, Medical College,Vadodara; Dr. Bharat shah,Director,Nisargopachar Kendra; Dr. Nilima Patel, Senior lecturer, College of Physiotherapy, M.S.University, Vadodara and Dr.Nayna shah, Physician-Councellor, Nisargopachar Kendra.
  • A three day long residential treatment and education camp for the patients of Arthritis was organized. Various experts such as Naturopaths, Orthopedic surgeon Physiotherapist, Ayurvedic physician and Yoga specialist were invited. The patients were informed about basic details about the disease process and various treatment options through an integrated approach. They were also treated by nature cure diet and treatments during the camp.
  • A similar three day long residential treatment and education camp for the patients of Bronchial Asthma, who interacted with various experts such as Naturopaths, Physician, Dietician, Physiotherapist, Ayurvedic physician and Yoga specialist.
  • A one day educational camp on Diabetes wherein the expert panel of Naturopaths, Physicians, Dietitian, Yoga specialist and an expert on medicinal plants discussed the disease process, role of diet and various treatment options on diabetes.
  • A half day seminar on the awareness of the Vipassana meditation technique.
  • A one day workshop on different techniques and benefits of Meditation.
  • A one day workshop on Self Hypnosis.