A brief overview of our Campus

  1. Administration/Office Building: All administrative work, new admissions, orientation, accounts, sale of common items such as catheter tube, oil for shirodhara, books, etc.
  2. Jatan Sale Counter: Jatan is engaged in organic farming and promotes organic food. At the counter, one can purchase many organic items like gur, pulses, soap, snacks, books etc.
  3. Upchar Gruh (Male and Female): Treatment facilities are separate for men and women. This is the place where most of the treatment are given. Steam bath, hip bath, mud bath, massage, spinal spray, enema, nagod shake, nasya, shirodhara etc. are given here.
  4. Kitchen: Here food/juice etc. is prepared and given to various health seekers according to the prescription of the doctor.
  5. Yogasana/Prayer Hall: Everyday in the morning and evening, yogasana classes are held here. Everyday in the evening, sadhaks assemble and sing prayers.
  6. Library: Our library contain more than 2000 books on naturopathy, diet, stress relief, yogasana, healthy way of living etc. One can also read various magazines and periodicals here.
  7. Gymnasium/Exercise Room: It is equipped with latest equipment. One can use tread mill, do stretching or learn special exercises under the guidance of physiotherapists.
  8. Garden: Located in the center of the campus is lush green garden with swings. This is the favorite place of many health seekers during the break.
  9. Walking Trek: A 250 meter trek encircling garden, prayer hall, kitchen and organic farm is made for walking. Early morning and evening, lot of enthusiasts use it for improving their health.
  10. Organics Farm: Nisargopachar kendra not only believes in chemical free and organic items, but grow them on the campus. Most of the items offered to health seekers are prepared from produces of this organics farm.
  11. Living Quarters: Doctors trained in traditional medicine live on the campus and are ready to respond to any emergencies 24X7.
  12. Accommodations: Four different type of accommodations are available in the campus. They are general ward for male and female, special room, semi deluxe and deluxe room.