The naturopathic treatments are provided based on an integrated treatment plan involving various therapies such as fasting, natural diet, oil massage, mud-bath, mud-pack, tub-bath, steam-bath, enema, Yogasana, Pranayama, yogic deep relaxation techniques, counseling, acupressure and Shirodhara.

There are separate treatment rooms for ladies and gents. Therapies are provided by trained technicians and supervised by qualified Naturopaths. The Center employs a full-time medical doctor-cum-Naturopath and a Naturopath, both of whom live on the campus. Well-trained staff provides friendly service and support in areas such as nursing, treatment, administration, house-keeping, kitchen, maintenance, gardening etc.

There is a well-equipped gymnasium and a yoga and prayer hall. The Center operates a fully functional vegetarian kitchen, which caters to all the dietary requirements of health-seekers and their attendants. A portion of the land at the campus is utilized to grow vegetables and fruits using organic farming techniques, which also provide for the Center’s kitchen. The campus also has a beautiful, well-maintained garden, to walk and relax in and children’s playing area. Around the garden and the farming area there is a 250 meters long walking track. The center has a library which occupies more than 2000 books on different subjects. One can also enjoy playing indoor/outdoor games like Table-tennis,  Badminton, Cards, Chess, Carom etc. to keep entertained.


Non residential health-seekers may make an appointment to consult with the doctor between 9.00 am and 12.00 noon, and 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday. Naturopathy treatment and yoga classes are also available to non residential health-seekers. Prior appointment is essential.

TREATMENT CHARGES (w.e.f. April 01, 2015)

Sr. No. Treatment Price (INR)
1 Relaxation Massage (રિલેક્સેશન મસાજ) 400
2 Full body Massage (આખા શરીરનો મસાજ) 300
3 Local Massage (Any two parts of the body) 150
4 Enema (એનિમા) 50
5 Hip Bath (કટિ સ્નાન) 50
6 Full Tub Bath (ટબ સ્નાન) 100
7 Spinal Bath (કરોડ સ્નાન) 50
8 Spinal Spray (કરોડ સ્પ્રે) 100
9 Steam Bath (વરાળ સ્નાન) 100
10 Nagod/Methi Fomentation – Full (નગોળ શેક) 300
11 Mud Bath (માટી સ્નાન) 150
12 Mud Pack (માટી પટ્ટી) 70
13 Hot & Cold Fomentation / Lapet (લપેટ) 75
14 Wet Sheet Pack (Full Body) (ઠંડી ચાદર લપેટ) 200
15 Sirodhara (શિરોધારા) 400
16 Herbal Sirodhara (હર્બલ શિરોધારા) 500
17 Nasya (નસ્ય) 50
18 Acupuncture (એક્યુપંક્ચર) 150
19 Neti-Vaman (નેતિ-વમન) 50
20 Yogasana (1 day) (યોગાસન) 50
21 Personal Yoga Class (1 Hour) 250


  • All Treatment charges mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice.
  • (*)Follow up consultation up to three months from the initial consultation will be charged at 150 INR, and 250 INR thereafter.
  • Shirodhara oil/Shirodhara herb/Catheter and other accessories will be charged extra.
  • Treatments are offered in designated Treatment areas (ઉપચારગૃહ).
  • We have separate Treatment section for Men and Women.