Prior booking is essential and all health-seekers must obtain a confirmation of booking before arriving at the Center.

CHARGES FOR INDOOR SERVICES (w.e. from July 01, 2016)

Accommodation Daily Charges Deposit INR
General Ward (70% Concession)* 300 /- 5000 /-
General Ward (20% Concession)* 800 /- 12000 /-
General Ward 1000 /- 15000 /-
 Special Room (Sharing) 1200 /- 18000 /-
 Special Room (Single) 1500 /- 20000 /-
 Semi-Deluxe Room (AC) 1800 /- 25000 /-
 Deluxe Room (AC) 2500 /- 40000 /-
  • Prior written permission from the Center is essential for those who want to make a booking under the category of General Ward (Concessional Rate). Specified form is available at the Center.
  • Persons who qualify certain criteria detailed in the application form for concession including family income less then 5 lac per year are eligible for admission under General ward (20% Concessional Rate) category.
  • The above charges include costs of accommodation, normal meals and normal treatments.
  • Service tax will be charged extra, if applicable.
  • A one time consultation charge of Rs.500 & admission charge of Rs.600 shall be charged separately.
  • The charges for the additional health-seekers shall be Rs. 1,500 & Rs. 1200 per person per day in Deluxe and Semi-deluxe rooms respectively.
  • Family members or attendants staying with the health-seeker shall be charged extra at the rate of Rs. 250 for the General ward (70% Concession), Rs. 500 for General ward (20% concession), Rs. 600 for the General ward, Rs. 700 for the Special rooms, Rs. 900 for Semi-deluxe rooms and Rs. 1200 for Deluxe rooms per person per day. The charges include meals and accommodation only and any treatment taken shall be charged extra.
  • Prior written permission from the Center is essential for those who want to make a booking under the category of General ward (Concessional Rates). Specified form is available at the Center.
  • Financially disadvantaged health-seekers may be offered discounted rates on request, on a case to case basis.
  • Provisional booking can be done on the telephone, but it would be confirmed only on receipt of applicable booking deposit and due scrutiny of the application form.
  • It is essential that the applicable admission deposit be paid at the time of admission. A minimum of ten days expenses shall be deducted from the admission deposit even if a health-seeker decides to discontinue the treatment and leave early.
  • Invoices are prepared from 1st to 16th of every month. Therefore, all the dues are required to be settled accordingly.
  • All the payments have to be made either in Cash, Demand Draft or “Payable at Par” cheque in favor of “VADODARA JILLA SARVODAYA MANDAL” at Vadodara. Other outstation cheques will not be accepted.


  • Cost of oil, enema catheters, napkins etc. over and above the ones given in the starter kit
  • Special treatments such as shirodhara, full body herbal hot fomentation, relaxation massage, full body massage more than specified numbers etc.
  • Special meal items such as dry fruits, expensive fruits, additional fruit juices etc.
  • For usage of equipment consuming higher electricity such as water-geyser, Air Conditioner, etc.
  • Any Laboratory tests, X-Rays etc.
  • Cloth washing services


If health-seekers decide to cancel or postpone bookings, or decide to stay for fewer days than intended at the time of booking, or make changes in the category of accommodation, a refund will be made available from the booking deposit as per the following rules. The remainder of the amount would not be refunded.

Cancellation/Postponement Refund percentage
> 21 Days 90%
16 – 21 Days 50%
8 – 15 Days 25%
< 8 Days 10%



  • A copy of photo ID is required for all the health seekers at the time of admission.
  • All old and current medical and laboratory reports, current medicines
  • Personal items such as tooth brush, paste, bath soap, shaving kit, napkin, bath towel, battery/torch, Knife, spoon, bowl, dish etc.
  • warm clothes (in winter), a shawl or a chadar, Track suit or appropriate loose clothes for yoga sessions, slippers and boxers/shorts for treatments.
  • A lock to secure the personal belongings in the room.
  • One set of bed-sheets with a blanket and a mosquito-net will be provided by the Center. Any extra requirements are to be brought by the health-seeker.
  • It is advised that health-seekers do not bring expensive items with them such as jewelry, cameras, laptops, mobile phones etc


  • It is preferred that health-seekers arrive for admission at 8:30 AM on working days.