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  1. I considered myself very fortunate to have undergone treatment at Vinoba Ashram. When I admitted myself first time in Sept, 2017, the size of the wound (due to ulcer) was more than 10 cms. X 10 cms. at that point of time. After undergoing various treatments during my tenure on four occasions at a different interval, the size has drastically reduced to 04 cms X 03 cms. The depth of the wound varied from 2 mm to 8 mm and that has also reduced to 1 to 3 mm. I gained better healing in the wound on my left leg due to varicose veins. Thus, it is amply clear that 85% healing happened and a very significant reduction in the depth of the wound too. I have a definite hope of healing completely at the earliest. I have no words to describe about the treatment pattern, homely & harmonious atmosphere and the team work at Vinoba Ashram but I sincerely convey my thanks and best wishes to one and all. Thanks once again to the entire team of the Ashram.

  2. We came to Vinoba Ashram on the recommendation of two of our friends who took treatment for 8 days with considerable benefit. I had some problem with the digestive system for over two years while my wife had some other problems. We came with an open mind to find and try the creative process of naturopathy, administered in the Ashram. We had a very pleasant and interactive co-ordination with Dr.Bharat Shah. The consultation led to great deal of confidence and hope and convincing us that we came to the right place. The Ashram is located in a secluded place but not far away from the busy town as such. The place is quiet and calm, amidst trees, plants, kitchen-garden. The low rise building accommodations, consultation rooms, treatment hall, yoga hall, dining area and others for the persons seeking treatment.The entire environment is clear and kept clean everyday. Every ‘patient’ is prescribed a regime of treatment and diet based on the diagnosis by consulting doctor. These are modified if and when necessary, based on health check-up carried out in the patient’s room everyday. The schedule of treatment is sequentially arranged and well explained. Massage, steam bath, hip bath, enema, mud pack, lapet etc. are aimed at detoxification. Each day one feels lighter. Diet is wholesome to suit patient’s conditions, along with some tasty Kadha two times in the morning. Fruits are served in plenty. This is a remarkable institution built, nurtured by a team of dedicated people. They are all passionate in the course of naturopathy. The entire staff numbering 50 are courteous and extremely well trained in their job. Everyday, one will find that Director and some members of the staff, sweep the campus, an elderly lady (mother of Dr.Shah) looks after the kitchen garden. We are delighted to have stayed here, had a very satisfactory treatment and met with some wonderful people with unmatched dedication. We are privileged to have been here in this great institution and pray for its success always.

  3. This is my second visit here. And I can only say that my experience is getting better every time I visit Vinoba Ashram. I was initially supposed to stay here from 1st Dec to 17th Dec’17. But as per recommendations from the Doctor and due to the progress and improvement in my detox and cleansing, I extended my stay a week more. So finally, I stayed here from 1st Dec to 23rd Dec’17. I cannot explain in words the service of everyone here. The experience has been absolutely wonderful. All the staff, doctors are extremely dedicated to their work and I feel this can only come through service. I lost 10 kgs. And my joint pain have almost gone. I am planning to visit Vinoba Ashram every year for detox and rejuvenation. I feel more charismatic and light. Thank you to all the staff here. My stay here was very comfortable and peaceful. Sincere Regards.

  4. I have been wanting to come to this center for the last 2 years but date never matched. I was looking forward to coming to this center because I knew only Naturopathy will help me for my joint pain. After coming here and during the treatment, I realized how my food needs to be changed, fasting regularly is helpful and how I need to create a routine in my practice for relaxation. I liked the serenity and authenticity of this place. One of the biggest part/positive aspect of this center is professional staff and extremely friendly. They work effortlessly and with complete professionalism. I thoroughly has got rejuvenated. I will surely recommend this place to others too. I will also come here regularly in future. Thanks for all efforts put on me to make my stay peaceful and restful.

  5. Nisargopachar Kendra, Gotri, Vadodara is an ideal centre treating number of people of all caste and creed with a dedicated staff based on the vision of Gandhiji and Vinobaji with natural environment to recover and rejuvenate their health. It is a Kendra for all human beings to learn how to live healthy life with nature’s help and be happy. It is a place where you get time to know yourself and your body. Treatment staff particularly oil massage, physiotherapy and acupressure are remarkable human beings. They deserve special attention and recognition as they provide each and every patient personal care with affection and last but not the least the kitchen staff who make and serve the food which is our major medicinal input with really homely atmosphere. And housekeeping is spick & span which catches the eye the moment you enter the campus. Dedication of Director and his staff members, doctors is unthinkable which you will not find anywhere else in today’s time. Hence, we pray Almighty to bestow upon all the members prosperity and happiness. Thank you.

  6. જે ખરેખર અદ્ભૂત છે એની પ્રશંશા કેવી રીતે કરવી? કેમ કરવી ? જેમણે આ કેન્દ્રને આવી રીતે દિલથી, પ્રેમથી, જતનપૂર્વક સીંચ્યુ છે એ માણસ ખરા અર્થમા શેરદિલ છે આવા વ્યક્તિથી સમાજ ટકી શક્યો છે. આવા વ્યક્તિને શત શત નમન. અહિં નિસર્ગોપચાર કેન્દ્રના આહારગૃહમાં પ્રસ્તુત વાક્ય રચના “મોટાભાગના રોગોનુ મૂળ કારણ છે શરીર, મન અને હ્રદય વિકારોનીજમાવટ”. ખરેખર આ અક્ષરશ: સત્ય છે. નિસર્ગોપાચર કેન્દ્રમાં જો શરીરની સાથે મન અને હ્રદયના વિકાર દૂર કરવાની વધારે સક્ષમ ખૂબજ કાર્યદક્ષ પધ્ધતિનો સમાવેશ કરવામાં આવે તો સોનામાં સુગંધ ભળી જાય.કેન્દ્રના અંદરનું વાતાવરણ અદ્ભુત, સ્ટાફ સારો, ડોક્ટોર્સ સજ્જન. શું કહું વધારે ? આપ સૌને મારી હ્રદયપૂર્વક્ની ખૂબ ખૂબ શુભેછા સાથે.

  7. My stay at Vinoba Ashram was just seven days. But in this time, I was greatly benefited both mentally and physically. I appreciate the full staff of all the departments. They are helping, soft spoken and smiling. You feel homely here. I request the staff and the attendant, all health workers to keep the same spirit for the coming years too. It is a great help to suffering mankind. May be in natural way. People are greatly relaxed and going to various departments with enthusiasm. They do fast of various types without complaining. The quite atmosphere and the tall trees here are very well caring. Thanks again for your care and treatment in the Ashram. Will revisit soon.

  8. ભાવના વ્યક્ત કરવા શબ્દો ઓછા પડે એટલું સુંદર, સુઘડ, શાંત, નૈસર્ગિક અને તનાવ મુક્ત વાતાવરણ. ફેમિલી મેમ્બર જેવા સ્વભાવવાળો અને વેલ ટ્રૈઈન્ડ અને હસમુખો સ્ટાફ અને ઓછા ખોરાકમાં આટલી સરસ રીતે રહી શકાય અને આપણું સ્વાસ્થ્ય સાચવી શકીએ એની જાણકારી, સમજ આપી મારી તબિયત સુધારી આપવા બદલ ખૂબ જ આભાર.

  9. I come here with objective of finding solution for my chronic colitis. In these 10 days, I gained a lot which are (i) I got my smile back on my face almost after 3 years (ii) I could release my stress in body & mind (iii) Wonderful environment for stay (iv) Excellent counselling by Psychologist to find out the root cause of stress and phobia of darkness.

    I am sincerely grateful for the (i) Humble attitude of Nisargopachar Team (ii) Kind guidance of Naturopaths (iii) Caring attitude of treatment team, physiotherapy team and food/dining hall team. I am grateful to management team and the Director and hope to visit soon after implementing my present food plan for further treatment. Thank you very much.

  10. It is really a very good place for Naturopathy treatment. Place is neat and clean. Good atmosphere, very calm and peaceful. Doctors’ behaviour, way of explanation, daily follow up etc. Very nice. Other staff are very co-operative. Everything is well disciplined and well maintained. Evening lectures are very informative and useful in keeping our life healthy. I always believe in peace, purity and love which all were available here. Thanks a lot. My all good wishes are with the organization. One small suggestion that literatures should also be translated in Hindi.

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