The principle of natural cure is founded on the theory of Panchamahabhuta (पंचमहाभूत), that the body is made of five universal elements – space (आकाश-akash), air (वायु-vayu), fire (अग्नि-agni), water (जल-jal) and earth (पृथ्वी-prithvi) and that diseases are caused by an imbalance in the state of these elements. Natural therapies remove the imbalances (विकृति-vikruti) of the elements by removing the causative factors and bring the elements back to their natural state (प्रकृति-prakruti). Therefore, it is not only a treatment system but a way of living in line with the laws of nature so that people can enjoy a disease free and healthy life.

Many diseases of the body are born due to the accumulation of toxins produced during the process of digestion. Normally, these toxins are excreted as the body’s waste, but due to an incorrect diet and lifestyle, negative mental attitude, stress and a lack of proper exercise, vital force is diminished and these toxins start accumulating in the body and eventually cause the disease.

The basis of all treatments in nature care is to assist the body in removing these accumulated toxins through normal channels. Nature has given wonderful powers to the body to heal itself and regain health. By using this inherent strength, the body can be rid of all sicknesses and health be restored. Many diseases of a chronic nature such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, spondylosis, obesity, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions, indigestion, constipation etc.have been treated at the Center with varying degrees of success.

Acute diseases like fever, cold, diarrhea and edema are caused as a result of the body’s efforts to remove these toxins. Normally, these diseases get cured on their own. If the symptoms are not serious, by letting these bodily cleansing processes do their job patiently, we can help the body heal itself. A continued accumulation of toxins in the body over a long period of time eventually leads to conditions such as asthma, kidney problems, rheumatism and diabetes.

Therefore, by developing a healthy lifestyle involving a natural and balanced diet, a proper daily routine, maintaining physical and mental hygiene, regular exercise, cultivating positive thinking and proper relaxation, we can keep the elements in balance, and restore and rejuvenate our health.