Art and Science of Mind TrainingNisargopachar Kendra Gotri, Vadodara is happy to announce a workshop on the Art and Science of Mind Management. The modern life and lifestyle is indeed challenging and full of mental conflict. We find ourselves in overwhelming situations in meeting the needs of society, family and ourselves. As a result, we are caught up in a tangle of our self-generated conflicts. As our social work is guided by the need to have a socially just and equitable society, it is likely that we get exposed to dangers of disturbed emotions, diseases, negative and aggressive thinking. Also, one is likely to feel a sense of being deceived & helpless given the grim outer social scenario. In such situations, our ability to work with our own mental conflicts/dilemmas become extremely important so as to take care of our mental & emotional hygiene and also our health and inter-personal relationships. This workshop will emphasize on the need of Harmonizing our inner and outer work.

Highlights of the workshop:

  • Mind can be either our FRIEND or a FOE – Understanding this statement from the principles of neuroscience
  • How the neuroscientific concepts can be translated into everyday living in a practical way to enrich our lives.
  • Understanding the parts of the brain, how they function and their association with working of our mind
  • A scientific understanding of thought patterns
  • Effective mind-training practices

Dr. Usha Vasthare, founder of YogaKshema Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, a distinguished Neuroscientist. She has been a faculty of Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, USA for a period of 17 years. She was academic Research Advisor for MDs, Post Doctoral Fellows, Ph.D.s & Masters students.

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General information

  1. Contribution: Rs. 500/- (Includes Lunch), Discounts are available for financially needy persons
  2. Medium of Instruction : English (Easy to follow)
  3. Venue : Vinoba Ashram, Gotri, Vaodara
  4. Date: 7th December, 2017, Thursday, 9:00 am to 5:00pm
  5. Limited seats, Last Date for Registration: 30/11/2017
  6. Contact Details : 0265-2371880 (9 am to 5 Pm), 9426187834 ( 11 am to 2 pm)
  7. Email:

Registration Details:
Register online on the link: or fill up the form available at our office. You may deposit the amount directly in the bank. Please send us the details of the deposit by email.

Bank Details:
Account Name: Vadodara Jilla Sarvodaya Mandal
Bank: Axis Bank, Branch: Gotri, Vadorara
A/C no: 911010001965894
IFSC: UTIB0001491